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What is Vuetify? Top 6 features of Vuetify

by forgegrow

Frontend development has evolved rapidly along with the ways users are interacting with the applications. Now a days there is a need to give users the best experience which involves the implementation of SSR, PWA and more. Front end frameworks like Angular and React has already extended support via various libraries starting to implement such features, and Vuetify aims to bridge this gap for Vue JS. In this blog post we shall be going through the brief introduction to Vuetify and answer the question what is vuetify?

what is vuetify

What is Vuetify?

As per the official Vuetify website, it is given that vuetify is simply a no design skills required UI Framework with beautifully handcrafted Vue Components. It is a full fledged UI framework, based on Vue.js and adhering to the Material Design (MD) guideline. This indicates that the fundamental capabilities of both Vue and Material comes inbuilt.

Vuetify aims to give developers the resources they need to produce visually appealing and engaging user interfaces. Vuetify offers hundreds of expertly created components from the MD (Material Design) specification and is simple to use. Both Vue CLI-3 and all current browsers are supported. What distinguishes Vuetify from other UI libraries and frameworks is that, it offers core templates for Apache Cordova, Simple HTML, Webpack, NUXT, PWA, and Electron. This shall help the developers to create web, mobile, desktop, SSR and PWA apps very easily.

Top features of Vuetify

Some of the top feature of Vuetify are as follows.

  • Open Source
  • Easy integration for PWA, NUXT, Electron and Webpack
  • Built on Material Design
  • Long term support
  • Clean, semantic and reusable components.
  • Various modern age components.

Is Vuetify open source?

Yes, Vuetify is an open source ui framework with 36.3K GitHub stars and 6.6K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Vuetify’s open source repository on GitHub

Top companies using Vuetify

The top companies using Vuetify are as follows

  • Barogo
  • StreamElements
  • Biting Bits
  • FinTech Consortium
  • SENSYN core and apps
  • & more.

To find out more companies using Vuetify you can click here.

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